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The Global Response Network is a coalition of major oil spill response companies operating throughout the world. GRN members are distinguished from other commercial spill response organizations by the fact that they receive their funding from their members or customers through some type of cost sharing formula and not separate contracts more directly associated with for-profit organizations. Members of the GRN provide their direct spill response services to their members/customers and the GRN is not a mechanism whereby a spiller can call on one GRN member and have direct access to the equipment and personnel of another GRN member.

Mission of the GRN
GRN Membership Criteria
GRN Operational Teams

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Mission of the GRN

The mission of the GRN is to maximize the knowledge, expertise, and preparedness that each spill response organization has individually, and share such information with other GRN members for the purposes of enabling each organization to provide a better response to their respective members or customers. As noted above, the GRN does not, as a coalition, provide direct spill response resources (equipment or personnel) to a spilling entity. Spill response resources may be provided by an individual GRN member under a separate contractual arrangement with a spilling entity. GRN members, may, at their own discretion develop bi-lateral agreements with other GRN members to share resources during a spill, according to individual needs.

GRN Membership Criteria
  • Industry funded response organization (commercial profit-making is not a prime objective)
  • Subscribe to the mission of the Network
  • Substantive industry remit and area of coverage
  • Willing to support the Network forum with personnel at their own expenses


GRN Operational Teams

The key process by which the GRN maximizes spill response knowledge and expertise among its coalition members, is through the use of Operational Teams (OTs). Operational Teams include the following functional areas:

  • Offshore Response
  • Near shore/Shoreline Response
  • Dispersant Response
  • In-situ Burning Response
  • Remote Sensing
  • Response Management

These OTs reflect the major specialized fields of expertise and operations within any major response operation. These OTs provide a forum for the exchange of information, training, and safety that are utilized during steady state and actual response incidents. The prime objectives of each OT will vary based on the fundamentals of the OT but will typically consist of the following:

  • Provide availability and guidance/consultation to GRN member spill response organizations for a major event
  • Provide an on-going inventory of the latest worldwide inventory that are potentially available - both expertise and equipment
  • Share best practices to improve and promote industry standards
  • Provide an on-going monitoring effort to technical advancements in their respective area of expertise to share among member companies

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