The Global Response Network (GRN) exists to share information, improve spill response performance and provide centres of expertise in spill preparedness, response and recovery techniques.

GRN Charter
GRN Membership Criteria
GRN Operational Teams
Operational Team (OT) Objectives

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GRN Charter

The Global Response Network is a forum for (primarily surface) oil spill response organisations to improve their individual performance and effectiveness by:

  • fostering strong collaborative relationships amongst Members;
  • establishing functional teams to exchange operating information, response techniques and share good practice; and
  • assisting oil companies and other stakeholders to enhance industry standards for spill response.

GRN Membership Criteria
  • Industry-funded response organisation whose prime objectives do not include profit generation.
  • Provide services for multiple companies and operators.
  • Have sufficient breadth of interest and scope of service delivery to participate actively in the GRN Executive Committee and contribute seasoned subject-matter experts to most of the GRN Operational Teams.
  • Be willing to collaborate in the sharing of knowledge and resources with no financial gain to the contributing party.


GRN Operational Teams

GRN Operational Teams comprise subject matter experts from key functional areas of response, and provide a forum for exchange of information:

  • Dispersants
  • In-situ Burning
  • Remote Sensing
  • Ice-covered Waters
  • Shallow Water / Onshore
  • Offshore
Operational Team (OT) Objectives:
  • Enable activation of OT members to provide subject matter expertise for the lead GRN OSRO responding to the spill - or the spilling party.
  • Maintain an inventory of dedicated response resources available worldwide from among the GRN Members.
  • Exchange information, good practice, and shared learning in the dedicated operational function amongst members of the OT.
  • Maintain linkages to industry initiatives and provide input as requested and endorsed by the GRN Executive Committee.
  • Work to promote and improve industry standards.
  • Report on status of objectives twice-yearly to the GRN Executive Committee.

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